Privacy Policy

Here, at The National Light & Sound Therapy Centre, we really respect and honour and the detail information that is provided by the users and service adopters.

We respect the privacy of all the individuals who get involved with us and the Privacy Policy that we follow strictly prohibits any misuse of the information.

First of all, all the visitors and users of requested to go through the company privacy norms quite carefully to understand the privacy practices by the company.

We do collect some details from the visitors and from those who are acquiring our services. These are collected in the form of filling up the form along with message. The details are shared voluntarily by the users and not manipulatively. And the core purpose of taking these details is to serve you better. This helps us understand your needs better and we become able to provide you more customized solutions for your needs.

As far as the sharing of the information is concerned, no unauthorized person has the access to these details and these are stored in our secured database. Only the authorized people have the access to this information and under no condition, these are used for promotional purposes. We never share the details with any third party sources as well.

The protection and safe conservation of all the information is our responsibility and the details are stored in our secret company database. We perform regular malware upgrade in order to prevent attacks. The details are removed automatically from the system after a certain period of time.

The privacy Policy explains the usage of the details by the website and company reserves all the rights to make suitable changes to this policy whenever it is deemed appropriate.