Kareem is an Egyptian child who came two and a half years ago. He was unable to speak. After the two week course of treatment he began speaking and one year later was fluent. He was not able to read. His parents (his mother is a medical doctor) brought him for a second course of treatment. Soon after he learnt to read and amazed the entire school in Cairo, when he read out aloud at a parents evening, a page from a book he had never seen before. Prior to his third treatment, his mother said he is perfect now and she didn’t know what she was hoping for this time, but as he had made such good progress previously, she thought it would be worthwhile coming again. We are now waiting to hear how he has progressed since the third treatment. Kareem’s Mother was so delighted with his progress, she went for training to Dr. Berard and is now a qualified AIT Practitioner herself.