AIT PLUS is a combination of three therapies: Auditory Integration Training; Light Therapy; and a Sound Modulation System pioneered by The Light & Sound Therapy Centre. The Centre developed Dr. Berard’s successful and effective AIT and after further research alongside doctors and specialists added Light Therapy and a Sound Modulation System. To the best of our knowledge, this combination treatment is not available anywhere else in the world. This unique combination has almost doubled our rate of success; now 46% of parents whose children have been treated at the Centre report major improvements.

The majority of children seen in the Centre are on the autistic spectrum, but a large number of children with speech, communication and behaviour difficulties come for treatment as well.

Is your child sound sensitive?

Many children with autism, learning disabilities, speech or communication problems and/or who are prone to temper tantrums are often sensitive to certain sounds. Autistic children may cover their ears or become anxious or withdrawn in noisy places while some cannot tolerate a baby’s cry or high pitched voices. This sensitivity can cause a child to appear to act deaf in his/her attempt to disregard the noise, when in fact their hearing is normal.

The world is a busy place. It’s noisy and confusing and this prevents some autistic children from responding to you. They are often disturbed by sounds that most people don’t even notice; they may be afraid and sometimes temper tantrums are the only way they can express their distress. Children with learning disabilities, behaviour difficulties and ADD/ADHD can also be sound sensitive although they usually react differently to children with autism. Their hearing imbalance can cause them to be bad tempered and defiant, or anxious and withdrawn.

Can you hear the trains?

If you move close to a railway station, at first you will hear and be disturbed by the sound of the trains passing by, but after a few weeks you will no longer notice the noise. This demonstrates that the auditory system can be programmed to automatically block out intrusive sounds. Another example of de-sensitisation is fathers of new-born babies who frequently claim they never hear their baby cry at night. This is because they’ve successfully managed to programme their brain to disregard unwanted noise.

How does AIT PLUS help?

AIT PLUS is a unique method of reducing sound sensitivity. The treatment helps to de-sensitise the auditory system so that your child learns to disregard intrusive sounds. The result is that noisy surroundings will no longer compel your sound sensitive child to retreat into his/her own, safe little world and help him/her more easily become part of yours. Your child will start to respond to you more willingly and communicate more comprehensively, speaking and taking interest in the world around him/her.

AIT PLUS stimulates and retrains the brain through the auditory and visual systems. While the treatment’s foremost effect is on speech, sound sensitivity and behaviour, AIT PLUS frequently makes a difference in other areas. Many parents report that their child sleeps better, eats a more varied diet, has improved eye contact, and is more relaxed and amenable . The treatment is also useful for improving concentration span and can help your child become more relaxed, adaptable, confident and co-operative and reduce hyperactivity and tantrums.


  • Communication and speech difficulties
  • Tantrums and behaviour problems
  • Autism and autistic type behaviour
  • Sound sensitivity
  • Dyslexia and learning disabilities
  • Short Attention Span
  • OCD
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Anxiety