The Light & Sound Centre has pioneered a combination of Auditory Integration Therapy, Light Therapy and a Sound Modulation System to create AIT PLUS. The resulting therapy is unique and effective; to the best of our knowledge, this combination treatment is not available anywhere else in the UK. The AIT PLUS therapy has almost doubled our rate of success; now 46% of parents whose children have been treated at the Centre report major improvements.

We have treated over 1000 children since 1992, when the Centre opened. Three members of our staff were personally trained by the pioneer of Auditory Integration Training, Dr. Berard, in France and to our knowledge we have more experience in the field of AIT than any other treatment centre in the world. And our combination treatment is unique to our Centre.

The treatment comprises 20 sessions over a period of two weeks. There are two sessions of half an hour each daily. The treatment costs £2250. Consultations and follow up advice and support is free. The Centre is a Registered National Health Service Provider which means you may be eligible for NHS funding. If you’re planning to apply for NHS funding, you can print out this information to show your GP or email us requesting a printed leaflet.

For those not able to access NHS funding, the Centre is on the approved list of a Charitable Trust that frequently funds children on the autistic spectrum. We can also refer you to other charities that support our work.

If you have not already done so, it would be helpful if you complete our Questionnaire to provide us with more information about your child. This will aid us in assessing if AIT PLUS could possibly benefit your child. On receiving your questionnaire, we will respond to you directly, advising you whether we are likely to be able to help your child or not.

Our site also answers some frequently asked questions about AIT as well as Testimonials from parents describing some of the positive effects the treatment has had on their child. This will give you a good idea of the results you can likely expect if you bring your child for AIT PLUS treatment.


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