Increase Your Child’s Intelligence

Imagine your child’s brain is made up of millions of light bulbs. The more light bulbs you switch on, the brighter he or she will be. Parents have a unique opportunity to develop and increase their children’s intelligence and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes a day. It is fun and effective and easy

Your job is to give information, information and more information. And most important to help your child see the connections between those bits of information (synapses). The more connections you create, the cleverer your child will be and the more able he or she will be able to work out things for themselves. You can develop a muscle by exercising and you can develop the brain by using it

If you don’t talk much to your child when you push him in the buggy, you are missing a wonderful opportunity to increase his intelligence. There are hundreds of ‘lessons’ you can give your child, just by pointing out things around you. Tell him, “this is a brick wall” and let him touch it. Tell him, “this is a hedge; this is a wooden fence; these are iron railings etc. – within days he will be able to identify them even if he can’t say the words yet

When you pass a tree, tell him what kind of tree it is (find out yourself if you don’t know!) Tell her the name of the flowers you see, tell him the kind of dog you see in the street, the make of the cars etc. Each bit of information you give him or her is growing the brain. Best only talk about one category of things each time you go out, one day point out the cars, another day the trees another day the type of walls etc.

Most important NEVER ever test a child. The child is put under pressure and testing doesn’t teach him anything anyway. Testing just satisfies your curiosity, it doesn’t benefit the child in any way. Don’t ask him, what is the name of this tree, just tell him “This is an ….oak tree.” Pausing for a few seconds so he has the chance to say “oak” if he wants to. Have fun with this Intelligence game.