How to teach your child to speak

The best way to teach a child to speak is to teach him to READ. Words floating about in the air are hard to grasp and it’s a miracle that children manage to learn to speak at all. But children who are a bit behind need some help and that help comes in the form of Flash Cards.

This Reading Game can start as early as you like. Two years old is an ideal age to start. Take 10 big cards and write one large word on each card in red low case letters. Choose the words your child hears all the time, Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, Jimmy, dummy… doesn’t matter what words you start with but they must be words that your child understands and hears all the time.

On the first day, show him the card that says Mummy quickly. Say “This says Mummy” and put the card away. Do this four or five times a day as quickly as you can.

After three days, take out the second word, e.g. Daddy. Show him the word and say, “This says Daddy”. Do it four or five times on the first day and at the end of the day show him quickly the card for Mummy, followed by the word for Daddy. This says Mummy, This says Daddy. Say each word clearly and loudly.

For the next few days show both cards, one after the other and say the word. NEVER SHOW HIM BOTH CARDS AT ONCE. After another few days introduce the third word and continue in the same way until you are showing him all ten cards, one after the other, saying the word loudly, clearly and quickly. Don’t try to make him look at the card, just flash it in front of him for a second or two.

Develop this ‘game’ in any language, introducing new words every few days and leaving out one word, so you never show him more than 10 to 15 words at a time. After a day or two re-introduce the left-out words, so they are not forgotten.

I guarantee your child will very quickly recognise all the words, and will start saying them very soon.