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How does Auditory Integration Training (AIT PLUS) help autism?

After many years of working with children on the autistic spectrum it has become clear that Dr. Guy Berard’s original premise that “Hearing Equals Behaviour” is correct.

Of the over 2,000 children treated at the National Light & Sound Therapy Centre, the majority appeared to cut themselves off from normal interaction with people and sounds. They often gave the impression of being deaf and many had been diagnosed as being hard of hearing, even though the parents were convinced they could hear. They often covered their ears when they heard some sounds and other sounds they ignored completely. This wasn’t deafness.
Many of these children whilst often shying away from people and busy environments, acted out with sometimes extreme and unmanageable behaviour. They were called “autistic” but according to Dr. Berard’s research, backed up by the findings of the National Light & Sound Therapy Centre in London, their real problem wasn’t ‘autism’ but was caused by their super sensitive hearing which made their lives unbearable.

We have many documented cases where children and adults whose sensitive hearing has been improved by a course of Auditory Integration Training, suddenly change. They begin to interact with people, no longer hide away and close themselves up, they begin to speak and interact and their behaviour changes. Many of these children’s life is completely overturned. Being no longer super sensitive to some sounds, they realise that the world is not such a threatening place any more. We have seen remarkable changes in behaviour, communication and learning abilities.

Many of the children who come for the two week treatment are extremely difficult to manage, many are diagnosed as being learning disabled or hyperactive whilst in fact, their learning disability is caused by the constant intrusion of noises, which prevent them concentrating for any length of time.

Imagine you are in the airport, with lots of noise and people all around you. Can you concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds? Can you study anything, or even have a sensible proper conversation? Doesn’t all the hustle and bustle of the airport disturb your concentration? Doesn’t it give you a headache?
So too, our supersensitive children cannot concentrate and may be disturbed so much that they just act out their pain and their behavior may become unmanageable.

If you moved home to live close to a railway station, for a few weeks the sound of the trains day and night would annoy and bother you. You may want to scream sometimes, or you may just retreat to the bedroom and cover your ears to block out the sound of the trains. But magic happens, after a few weeks you can’t hear the trains anymore! Your brain and ears have adapted and have learned to block out the intrusive noise.

So too, the Auditory Integration Training (AIT PLUS) can reverse the sound sensitivity and your child, diagnosed as being “autistic” becomes relaxed, can concentrate and take part in conversations.

To many parents this seems like a miracle and indeed the book written by Annette Stehi, describing her daughter Georgina’s amazing ‘cure’ from autism in UK, is called, “The Sound of a Miracle.”

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