Therapy For Children On The Autistic Spectrum

Is your child on the autistic spectrum, and struggles with everyday life? As a condition that affects a child’s ability to communicate, autism can be extremely frustrating in a world where social skills are valued more than ever before. It is also hard for the whole family who wish to form a bond with  their child.

Although autism and its symptoms are more understood than in the past, it is recognised that only 16% of adults with autism are in employment and life can still be extremely difficult with this condition; it is therefore not surprising that many children with autism suffer from anxiety.

However, therapy can make a huge difference to a child’s life, including their well-being and ability to communicate.

Whether your child has Asperger’s Syndrome or is further along the autistic spectrum, our team at The National Light & Sound Therapy Centre are keen to help break down the barrier between you and your child.

At The National Light & Sound Therapy Centre we offer therapy for children with a variety of different conditions, including those on the autistic spectrum. Our therapy is ideal for children with autism struggling with anxiety, poor eye contact, sound sensitivity, learning disabilities and other associated problems.

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