Therapy For Children On The Autistic Spectrum

Are you looking for therapy for a child with autism? Have you found that traditional talking therapies haven’t made a difference?

Children that are on the autistic spectrum often have sensory processing disorders (SPD), which make them sensitive to sound, sight and touch. This is why using light and sound therapy can be highly effective.

It estimated around 1% of the world’s population are on the autistic spectrum

Autism is difficult to live with, both for the child and their family, particularly when children don’t get enough support at school. Because it’s a disorder that’s not physically visible, problems with autism are often mistaken for bad behaviour.

Because their verbal communication is affected, children with autism often find it harder to ask for help.

Boys are nearly five times more likely to have this condition, compared to girls; however, because it’s rare in girls, it often goes undiagnosed.

Are you looking for therapy for children on the autistic spectrum?

Children on the autistic spectrum are often extremely clever; but if they can’t listen effectively, there can be huge problems.

Based in London, The National Light & Sound Therapy Centre offer Auditory Integration Training to help children with a range of difficulties, including ADHD, ADD, poor eye contact, anxiety and behaviour problems.

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