Therapy for Children & Adults with Autism

Are you looking for therapy for somebody with autism? Have you tried other forms of traditional therapy that weren’t effective?

Because it’s on a spectrum, autism affects people to different degrees.

Although it’s a condition defined by its difficulties, children with autism often have higher than average cognitive skills. In particular, people with Asperger’s Syndrome, a milder autism spectrum disorder (ASD), are often of above-average intelligence.

However, people with autism struggle with social interactive and non-verbal forms of communication, and usually exhibit repetitive patterns of behaviour. These symptoms are usually recognisable from an early age, with signs usually apparent before a child is two-years old.

This lifelong developmental disorder doesn’t just affect how somebody communicates, but how they make sense of the world. This can include being over-sensitive to sounds, touch, taste, smells, light and colours.

Based in London, The National Light and Sound Therapy Centre are keen to help you.

Our therapy for children with autism uses light and sound, to stimulate the brain to work more effectively. Auditory Integration Training can help both adults and children on the autistic spectrum and significantly improve their communication skills. This is a huge factor in how they interact with others and can have a major improvement in their behaviour.

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