Looking For A Therapy That Helps Your Anxiety?

Have you tried traditional ‘cures’ for anxiety, but found they haven’t worked?

Anxiety is a common but deeply distressing experience, and affects adults and children alike but some people experience it worse than others and it stops them trying out new things, meeting new people and stops them enjoying life. For children, it can prevent their development and can have a major impact on their ability to socialise and be part of a group.

The physical symptoms of anxiety can include: sweaty palms and trembling, dry throat, a racing heart and feeling faint. Although it feels deeply unpleasant and makes us feel out of control, anxiety isn’t dangerous. Anxiety is the body’s natural reaction to a stressful situation and can have a major impact and lower our self-esteem and self-confidence. especially on children.

The National Light & Sound Therapy Centre have pioneered a specialised therapy, based on Dr. Berard’s Auditory Integration Therapy, which has been very successful in stimulating the brain to work more effectively, increase self-confidence and remove anxiety and fear of failure.

Discover more about innovative treatment, called AIT PLUS here. put in a link to the website.

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