ADHD is a condition that affects around 2-5% of school children, and occurs in people of all intellectual abilities. The symptoms (tantrums, poor concentration, anxiety, difficult to reason with etc.) tend to be noticed at an early age but are often more challenging when a child starts school.

Most cases tend to diagnosed between the ages of 6-12, and while it’s not known exactly what causes ADHD, it has been found that premature babies are more likely to suffer from this problem, along with babies born by caesarean section. It has also been linked to a low birthweight and smoking during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, there is no cure-all treatment for ADHD, but there are ways to alleviate the symptoms and improve a person’s concentration, behaviour and quality of life.

Our treatment for ADHD is unique and proven to be highly effective.

The National Light & Sound Therapy Centre have treated over 1,000 children since it opened in 1992. The treatment is comprised of 20 sessions over a period of two weeks, and can be extremely effective for both adults and children suffering from ADHD.

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